die2_preview.jpg Other Goals of Project "M"

EASY TO PLAY: If you are looking for a game that is fast-paced, easy to run, and yet filled with heroic characters doing heroic deeds, then you have found the right game. Project M was designed to be user-friendly, with few rules and few charts. All of our tables are easy to read and, whenever possible, cross-referenced with other tables or sections of the game. Additionally, key information is enclosed in “DM Boxes” to stand out.

HUMAN-BASED PERCENTILE METRICS©: The foundation of the Project M system is the idea of taking actual human accomplishments in running, jumping, etc. and using those metrics to figure out the “stats” or ability scores for the characters. Here’s a quick example: The fastest recorded person in human history would be rated at about 90% (leaving room for future record-holders). A person of average speed would be 50%. If the fastest human recorded was 28 miles per hour, then a creature that could run 56 miles an hour would have a percentage rating of 180%.

FUN: FUN: The game has to be fun or there’s no point in playing it, right?

EASILY COMPARE CHARACTERS AND MONSTERS: The system is designed so you can get a feel for how creatures compare to one another. Project M is roughly based on real facts, so animals and creatures are more directly comparable to humans. Actual statistics for human beings and animals were used to figure out how fast a person can run and swim, how much they can lift, and how far they can jump. For example, a cheetah is approximately three times faster than a human. The Project M takes comparisons like that into account in the game design.

PLAY IN ANY SETTING: Alternate realities? Time travel? Magic, spy games, and spaceships? Steampunk? You can play in just one of these settings, or you can take your team through all of them. If you want to play in just one setting, then this game can do just that. I wanted a game specifically designed for ANY setting or timeframe. I always thought it would be cool to take my Half Elf fighter into a modern day espionage setting or a futuristic sci-fi realm – or to take my high tech secret agent into a vampire’s castle. In Project M , you will choose what setting your players start in, and you will have the option to go into other settings, if you choose. You can also stay in one setting for as long as you like. Project M is intentionally designed to be a universal game system. You can take your character anywhere you want, against any kind of monsters or villains. (Disclaimer: Project M will be released as a fantasy setting RPG to start off with, and other settings will be added as funding permits.)

CLASSIC YET INNOVATIVE: As much as possible, the plan is to tap into classic writings to make our game as rich and in-tune with the Great Works as possible. For example, the vampires are based on Dracula. At the same time, I want to keep adding new creatures to maintain a sense of wonder and awe…and new monsters to help keep you awake at night.

EXPANSIVE–NOT EXPENSIVE! I want this game to provide a rich and colorful array of worlds, races, and experiences for you and your friends, so the plan is to continually add new materials. However, another priority is to make products reasonably priced, so players can afford them. To keep prices low, I will need your help. Try the game, tell your friends, spread the word! Contact me about discounts for bulk purchases, too. For lower socioeconomic schools, free copies will be available. Again, please contact me for details!

RECEPTIVE: My goal is to make a fun, fast-paced, realistic role-playing game; your feedback is crucial. I want you to feel like you are part of the team, and that your opinions matter. I am constantly looking at ways to improve the game system. Because your feedback and experimentation is so valued, throughout the text, there is information on the restrictions and rules I held myself to, in case you want to create additional monsters, spells, character races, historic settings, et cetera. You won’t need to do any of this to play the game, but if you want to add to the game, send me your ideas, and I’ll actually listen!

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