die2_preview.jpg The Project "M” Role-playing Game

For a long time, I’ve wanted to create a game with a balance between the different tensions and decisions involved in game design. In brief, here are the goals I had in mind when I created “Project M.” (The real name of the game cannot be put out into the Ether-scape until the game is ready for launch). Here are a few highlights:


You may have experienced this yourself. You’ve created a character; you’ve poured your heart and soul into it. And then, the character became too powerful to really play anymore. For me, either the character was no longer fun to play, or the challenges just didn’t seem all that engaging. Just when one of my heroes started to get really interesting, he’d have to retire from the adventuring life! Project M is set up so that the characters will not become so god-like as to be unplayable or unmanageable for the Gamemaster. Project M allows your characters to be continually challenged, yet still experience growth and improvement, but without the risk of becoming unplayable. The Project "M” game is being built around the Basic Roleplaying System (BRP) Open Gaming License, graciously provided by Chaosium. I highly encourage you to check out their games!


Of course, with the characters being mere mortals, facing unspeakable foes, the dangers are much greater. Personally, I always felt that the risks should be high. Very high. The monsters should not be segregated based on some arbitrary level chart. If you have never left your relatively safe and secluded village, and you find yourself fleeing from an invading army, you just might encounter a dragon that can snap you up in a bite or two. “Run from the blade, dodge the dragon fire,” as they say. In which case, you better hide and pray to your gods…or you may end up pretty toasty. The idea behind Project M is to create enough suspense so that the outcome is not certain, and you are on the edge of your seat.

I have loved role-playing games since I first discovered them my freshman year in high school, so creating this game has been a labor of love. I love the creativity and companionship that comes from gaming with friends while you battle evil and try to save the day from whatever villain is the antagonist of the moment. I have fond memories of gaming, making jokes, and drinking soda while eating Doritos and pizza. Many close friendships were forged over gaming, and most of us are still friends to this day. I hope this game brings you a great deal of enjoyment and lifelong friendships. Take the concept of role-playing itself to strange new worlds. I know you’ll have fun along the way.

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