Freelance Editing by Don Hunt

Hello! Are you ready for some editing?! I will help you take your writing to the next level and encourage you along the way. If you’re ready, then so am I!

The Heavy Edit
‘Heavy’ editing is what most authors need and actually want. Types of editing are usually divided up into very specific and narrow categories, but what we need is someone to scrutinize every word, sentence, and paragraph. With heavy editing, I’ll look at virtually everything. I’ll look for readability, continuity, and flow; if a section needs reworking, rewording, or reorganizing, then I’ll let you know. If I see spelling or grammar errors, I’ll fix them or flag them. I’ll also make suggestions as I go. You’re not in this alone!

The Light Touch (aka Proofreading)
Proofreading checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, repeated words – what are commonly called ‘typos” that often get overlooked. Proofreading is typically the last stage of editing.

Developmental Editing
Developmental Editing is when you have an idea, or a few chapters, but you need help whipping them into some coherent shape, so you can move forward. With Developmental Editing, I’ll look at overall concept, character descriptions, plot, theme, outline, and internal logic of the pieces (e.g., Do all the topics clearly fit in your business leadership book? Are the magic rules consistent?). I will help you explore the groundwork, so you can start writing the piece you want.

Writing Coach
Are you looking to take your writing to the next level? After we identify your goals and your timetable, I will help you explore best practices for generating ideas and becoming more productive with your writing. We will hone your writing habits and tools to get you on your way to finishing your next project. Don’t lose another day! You can do this!

Original Content/Ghost Writing
You bring the idea, and the general outline or key points, and I will bring your project to life. I do the hard work, you get the glory! You'll need to supply a few writing samples, so I can capture your voice and style.

Style Guide Editing
Editing for a specific Manual of Style (MoS) may be available at an additional cost. While I’m editing, I am looking for consistency of punctuation, but not necessarily for a specific style. The reason for this is that there are literally dozens of styles out there. Please make sure to ask ahead of time.

Project Brief
o Contact me at: for
   rates and to get the ball rolling!
o Unless agreed to ahead of time, contracted services
   are for one round of edits. Additional rounds of
   editing can be negotiated at a potentially lower
o Writing samples are required before prices can be
o Deposit Required. Rush rates available.
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